Shri. K.P Balan

Chairman of Popular Steels

Mr. K.P Arunlal

Director of Popular Steels

Mr. K.P Mithunlal

Managing Director of Popular Steels

Shri. K.P Balan Chairman
Mr. K.P Mithunlal Managing Director &
Mr. K.P Arunlal Director

Our Journy

We established in the year 1969, as a proprietary company with the name & style of "Popular Industries” at Narikunni in Kozhikode district is one of the oldest and most respected companies in the rolling shutter industries of Kerala regions.

The five decades of experience have blessed us with the ability to develop the most efficient and effective production methods, which allow for quick lead times at extremely competitive prices.

We believe in hard work and ensure that all the orders are executed and delivered to the clients on time. This had helped us to develop a strong base of satisfied clients. Our clientele is now spread across Kerala. Supported by excellent client feedback we are gaining popularity in south India and we are expecting it to spread all over India in near future.

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Our history

Creative and renovate construction

Popular Industries was established in 1969 at Narikkuni, a small village in Kozhikode district. From there till now whatever we touched has only prospered and succeeded. With such a long legacy in steel industries, we became the pioneers in this field across the Kerala region.

Our experienced, efficient, quality-oriented, and cost-effective production methods and services made us popular and competitive in this field. The future of the steel industry lies with us. Let it be the product or service quality, we always have the upper hand, this has made us one of the best steel industries in Kerala.

The main highlight of our company is the advanced technology, very skilled experts, and outstanding customer service we use, to provide the best quality product and services which can offer excellent productivity.