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We have a pool of technically qualified technician to meet customized demand .

Manual Roller Shutters

Using a winder or crank, manual roller shutters are opened and closed by hand . This type of shutter is also very popular however slightly less convenient than electric roller blinds . Manual roller shutters are fitted to your windows with the winder located on the inside of the window . This allows you to easily access the winder without having to go outside .


Motorized/ Electric Rolling Shutter

Electrically Operated Rolling Shutters are operated by using a range of electrical actuators capable of operating shutters of all sizes . They are made up of the self-braking worm gear with the hollow shaft, integrated limit switches, integrated safety brakes with overload protection. Operationally, these shutters are easy, hassle-free and extremely safe and operate by integrating the control accessories like push-button, key selector or remote controls . During downtime, the option for manual operation is also available. Electrically Operated Rolling Shutters are widely popular due to its noiseless operation .


INDUSTRIAL (Jumbo Shutters)

Convention Center
Jumbo Shutters are designed for a variety of industries warehouse and convention centers etc. The shutters can be custom made to fit large opening as per clients requirement.



Shopping mall
Commercial Complex
Commercial shutters are used extensively in shopping malls, show rooms, garages and high street retail premises.


RESIDENTIAL (Home Protection)

Car porch
Motorised walls
Residential shutters are used extensively in residential areas such as carshed, wall partition, courtyards and etc .

Gear Operated Rolling Shutter

Gear Operated Rolling Shutter is a perfect choice for applications in industrial settings . The operation of these shutters is based on gear systems . Offered shutters are lightweight and offer longer service life . Our Reduction Gear Type Rolling Shutters maintain a high level of security in the premises . These are economical solution and require minimum maintenance . Gear operated Rolling Shutters are worked mechanically by utilizing a hand wrench/ winding handle . Counter balancing of the shade window ornament weight is finished by utilizing high strain curl write springs (produced using extraordinary steel spring wire) inside solid suspension shaft to diminish avoidance . The rigging activity is through machine cut worm equip . These Industrial Roller Shutters are perfect for little to medium size .

Looking for fine quality Mechanical Gear Type Rolling Shutters ? Offered Gear Operated Shutters come in precision engineered structure . These are available in various metal options including mild steel, cast iron and others so as to suit diverse requirements of our esteemed c clients . These gear based shutters deliver optimum performance for a longer time period without any hassle .

You can give your specification to us and we will fabricate the shutter in exact finish accordingly . We present a highly functional range of gear operated shutters that are widely preferred for covering large opening areas . These shutters are specially designed to offer smooth working conditions and are hence suitable for use in areas like shop, warehouse, mall etc .